Frustrated by Broken Promises from your IT Provider?  

You're Not Alone!

Clear your frustrations by auditing your  IT Provider using these 7 critical components. 

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Still unsure your IT Provider is not giving you the attention you deserve?

Watch MSP Industry Expert, Nick Points, talk about the common red flags within the IT industry 

and what a great IT provider should look like for you.  

Are you experiencing any of these common warning signs?


  • You receive surprise invoices.

  • You are experiencing a lack of communication.

  • There is no follow-up or follow-through when promised.

  • You reach out multiple times to get an issue resolved.

  • You experience lengthy wait times for resolution.

  • IT support is hard to get ahold of.

  • They mostly reach out when something is wrong.

  • They often ask you to spend more money.

  • The invoices are vague or confusing to read.

  • The focus is on servers/computers rather than your business.

  • Your hardware seems messy or unorganized.

  • They use "IT Terms" that make no sense to you.

If you are nodding your head yes to any of the questions, fill out the form to get the 7 Critical Components to Auditing Your IT Provider. 

As well as the steps you should follow when you have completed the auditing process.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I have been very pleased w/ the responsiveness of the IT Team from Panacea that supports our business. Their professional advice is accurate and always delivered in a timely manner.

Gregory Pawell

I manage 5 podiatry clinics and an ambulatory surgery center for podiatry.  We use Panacea Smart Solutions for transcription, billing and IT support.  The best thing is the quick response we get across all the platforms, especially with the IT support.  We all know IT issues can slow down and stop operations.  Panacea provides immediate response and solutions whenever we experience an IT issue.  Highly recommend!

Ritch Molus

We own and operate a small federal contracting business. We have been clients of Panacea for a few years and as we’ve grown, we have come to rely on their IT expertise.  They are extremely responsive and provide top notch customer service. We are 100% satisfied and highly recommend!

Lora Radke

Panacea team is always willing to help and never hesitates even last minute requests. Grateful for their quick responsiveness, during our daily crisis. Thank you Kk and Panacea team for all you do.

KCHC Support